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UnLock Requests for Segments, Places & Speed Cameras
Download the script
Get the WUREQ script from the
Waze.Tools CODE Repository
Enter the data manually
Manually enter the request data
Note: This method is obsolete
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Check the history of requests you have
made in the past and their status
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UREQ in a nutshell (a.k.a. How Does It Work)
During the WME editing process it is quite common to come across some objects stuck at a block level higher than ours. In this case, our work on modifying an entire area could be interrupted by a single small stretch of road. Now, with this Script and WebApp, you will have an easy way to request an UnLock for segments, places and speed cameras from a higher level editor.
Daily use of UREQ is very simple and straightforward:
  • Download and install the WUREQ Script for WME (see the download link)
    NOTE: The script requires Tampermonkey, a userscript manager by Jan Biniok.
  • In WME select one or more objects and click on "UREQ" in the top buttons bar
  • Enter a brief explanation of the reason for the request. This can help our unlockers better understand your request
  • Click on the "SEND" button
  • Wait a few minutes and one of our high-level editors will take care of your request, solving it. Our community have a team of qualified high-level editors and the average waiting queue is only a few minutes. You will be (optionally) informed of the result by a PM in the Waze Forum
Other ways to send unlock requests
If you don't want to get / install / use the WUREQ script, you can always enter your requests manually using the "Handiwork" link.
Please note that this method, which is enabled for compatibility only, is not currently recommended and will be removed in the future.
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